At some point in life we all like to put our hands in to some creative activity such as pottery or jewellery making. There are many courses online nowadays that offer tutorials on how to do things by on your own. These DIY projects are great for keeping yourself occupied and also to further as a career as well. Let’s look at some of the basics you will need to start a DIY handcrafted jewellery project.

Type of jewellery you like to make

When starting out, it is important to know what kind of trinkets you like to make and wear. There are plenty out there, such as beaded, metal, glass and even gemstone leather bracelets made from crystals. So it is unrealistic to hope to master all of them at once. Therefore it is best to pick one you like most. You can always change it if you do not like it.

Basic skills

As in any craft or trade, there are basic skills that you have to master before you can hope to go on to make actual creative products. When it comes to trinkets, you might need to know something about jump rings and such, therefore it is important you read or visit a crafter to understand these basics.

Tools that you will need

Even if you are making quality chakra bracelet, it is important that you have some basic tools at hand. They will surely come in handy for other projects you might take on down the years as well. So invest in a wire cutter, some pliers such as the rounded kind and the flat nose kinds. You will also need crimp tools.

Getting to know the terminology

In making any craft there are certain materials that you will need, and these items will have names that are unique to each craft. So it is best you make yourself familiar with the most commonly used terminology in handcrafted jewellery making.


The next step would be to find the supplies you will need. Of course this will greatly depend on the type of trinkets you are making. You might notice that there are many online sites selling supplies, however if you are starting out, then it is best to first find a local store that sells them. In this way you can really touch and feel the items you like to make the trinkets with. When you start out it can be a bit tricky really knowing the size of the beads you have to use or the wire or metal accents that you need to add. So the best way is to get them from a store first and once you are familiar, and then opt to buy them online.

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